MASC Members: Register today!

If you're a current MASC member, you'll find our site has a discussion forum, FAQs, the member handbook and other resources, all for members only. You'll need to register first, using the special Member Code we mailed to you or you can get it here. Once you create your account (which is fast and free), you'll have instant access to all the private content just for MASC members. Get started here.

Where Do I Find my Member Code?

The special code for member registration was mailed to all current MASC members' homes just prior to this site's launch. Register here. During registration you'll create your own username and password to access the site in the future.

If you lost or didn't receive your Member Code, click here or call us at 800-392-6023.

I'm a Brand-New School Committee Member, and I Haven't Received my Member Code Yet.

If your school district has your e-mail address, you will receive an invitation to register on this web site as soon as your school district notifies us of the changes to its school committee. Otherwise you will receive your Member Code in the Welcome Letter that will be mailed to your home after we process your MASC registration. Most new memberships are processed quickly once they're received by our office, and the Welcome Letter is mailed out as soon as possible. If you haven't received your Member Code or Welcome Letter within a few weeks of your information being submitted to MASC by your district's administrative official, let us know. E-mail your name and school district to or call us at 800-392-6023.

What if I Lost my Code?

Click here for a replacement. Remember, you only need the Member Code once, the first time you register. During registration, you'll create your own username and password that you will use to access the members-only content in the future. Once you've registered, if you forget your username or password when you return to the site, you can use the "Forgot my Username" or "Forgot my Password" links to retrieve it.

What Special Content is Available for MASC Members?

All current MASC members are strongly encouraged to register on our new web site, in order to take advantage of the many new resources available only to our members. You'll be able to read and post messages in our new discussion forum, access Policy News, the Member Handbook, FAQs and much more. Register today!

What Will Happen to the "Listserv"?

The MASC "mascinfo" mailing list (listserv) will continue to be available, but all members are encouraged to register on our new site and start using the discussion board instead. There are some great advantages to the discussion board over the old listserv. For example, now you can create and follow topics that interest you, and discuss them at length, while ignoring those that aren't of interest. You can even "subscribe" to threads, so that you'll get an e-mail alerting you when there's been new discussion on your favorite topics. You can more easily connect with fellow members, and the entire forum is easily searchable. Try it; we think you'll enjoy it!

I'm an Administrative Assistant for a MASC Member School District. How Can I Give You Updates to our Committee?

Make sure you've registered yourself first, and then when you're logged in, use our online form to add new members and let us know about chair positions and members who are no longer serving.