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Day on the Hill

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Day on the Hill, MASC's legislative advocacy day, brings school committee members, superintendents and student leaders to the State House in Boston to meet with the executive and legislative leadership as well as local senators and representatives. This annual event is an increasingly critical moment for MASC members to advance the message of the value of public education and ensure that legislators and other key decision/policy makers understand the issues and challenges that you confront and that they can support.

2018 Day on the Hill

Tuesday, April 25, 2018 8:30am - 2:00pm
Grand Lodge of Masons, Boston (get directions)

Please Note: Due to extensive renovations that are underway at the State House, MASC is unable to hold the morning event at the State House this year. Instead, our annual legislative forum/advocacy program will be held at the Grand Lodge of Masons in Boston, directly across the Common from the State House, however the gourmet luncheon with legislators made by the vocational culinary students will still be held at the State House at 12pm, following the morning program at the Masonic Lodge.

Members are encouraged to schedule meetings with legislators at their offices in the State House after the MASC program ends at 2pm.

Bring Your Students!

MASC encourages districts to bring their students to Day on the Hill. In this critical election year, we are already seeing the impact of the early, unprecedented youth support and vote. Day on the Hill is a great opportunity for students to learn about the democratic process and the way government works than at the State House where students can hear their local school leaders and legislators discuss key education issues that directly affect them.

Best of all: there is NO charge for students to attend all or part of the program. However, they must register in advance, so that they can be included in the meal count and have badges ready for them.

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