Workshop: Beyond Spreadsheets and Powerpoints: Basics and Budget Development

Beyond Spreadsheets and Powerpoints: Basics and Budget Development

No single document in your district is more important than your budget. It not only allocates millions of dollars: it also delineates the policies those dollars support and advances your district goals.

The first challenge of a school district budget is creating it; the second, and more critical challenge, is communicating it. Is your budget being presented to your community in a way that is transparent, informative, and easy to understand? Are you doing all that you could with your budget presentation?

Move your district beyond spreadsheets and PowerPoints to a comprehensive document that is useful not only to district administrators and the school committee, but to other policy makers and to the larger community. Give your district the best support you can through your budget document.

This joint seminar is a collaboration between MASS, MASBO and MASC, and is offered for school superintendents, school business officials, school committee members and others who are interested. The focus of the program will be on budget development and presentation.

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8:30am: Coffee and Registration
9:00am - 12:00pm: Seminar

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June 3 - Revere
Revere High School, 101 School St, Revere (directions)
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