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MASC By-laws


Active Members

Active Members shall be those school committees (as used in these by-laws the term “school committee” shall mean a school committee exercising jurisdiction in Massachusetts) which pay annual dues for the then current fiscal year of the Association. The annual dues of active members shall be determined pursuant to Article IV hereof.

Associate Members

There shall be two classes of associate members: Associate Members Class A and Associate Members Class B. Any individual who has been a member of a school committee may become an Associate Member Class A of the Association upon payment of annual dues. Any entity, group or organization, however constituted, affiliated with education may become an Associate Member Class B of the Association upon election by the Board of Directors and payment of annual dues. The annual dues of each class of associate members are as follows:

  • Class A (former school committee members): $100.00 per year (life members will be exempted from the fee).
  • Class B (Entity, group or organization, however constituted, affiliated with education): dues as follows:
    • Class B-1 Corporate Partners (Corporations serving the educational community, including for-profit entities providing services and products to the educational community): $3500.00
Honorary Members

The Board of Directors may elect Honorary Members of the Association from among persons not serving on a school committee who are distinguished in the field of public education or in other allied fields in which the Association is interested. Honorary members shall be exempt from the payment of dues.

Life Members

Each president of the Association shall become a Life Member of the Association upon the assumption of office by his successor as President. Other persons who have made an outstanding contribution to the image of the Association and have served at least one full term on a school committee may be elected Life Members of the Association at any annual meeting of the Association upon recommendation of the Board of Directors. Candidates for election as Life Members at any annual meeting may be proposed by any active or associate member of the Association to the Board of Directors not later than July 1 and the names of candidates recommended by the Board of Directors for election as Life Members shall be included in the notice of the annual meeting at which their election shall be proposed. Life members shall be exempt from payment of dues.