Admission of Transfer Students



A student may withdraw from a Commonwealth charter school at any time and enroll in the school district in which said student resides. To maintain enrollment stability, encourage promotion based on academic standards, and discourage social promotion, the school district will consult with the student’s charter school regarding placement and eligibility for graduation and enroll the student at the grade level the school district determines appropriate.

The time of the school year when enrollment is sought shall be a factor in determining the student’s grade level placement. The school district may determine that a student seeking enrollment after the mid-point of the academic year may not be eligible for promotion or graduation in that academic year.

SOURCE:    Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education


The school district will enroll and place students who have left Commonwealth charter schools by adhering to the same policies and procedures in place for any other student enrolling in the school district including, but not limited to, examination of the course of study and level of academic attainment of the student when determining the student’s appropriate grade placement or eligibility for high school graduation.

To the same extent provided for other students enrolling in the school district, students who enroll in the school district from a Commonwealth charter school shall be subject to the graduation requirements of the school district, may have certain graduation requirements waived, and may make-up certain graduation requirements.

LEGAL REFS.:    Chapter 12, Section 11 of the Acts of 2010

SOURCE:    MASC February 2011