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Patrick Francomano

Immediate Past President


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Currently serving his 22nd year as a Massachusetts school committee member (Plainville: 1992-2006 and King Philip Regional: 2005-present), Patrick Francomano has been an eloquent and effective advocate on public education issues at the local, state and national levels. Mr. Francomano joined the MASC Board of Directors in 2011 as Chair of Division III. In 2012 he was elected to serve as Vice President and became President-Elect in 2013 and President in 2014. He has served on numerous MASC committees including Regional Schools, Technology, and Student Assessment. As a member of the National School Boards Association’s Federal Relations Network he has been a strong proponent of increased federal funding for education. He also currently represents MASC on the Massachusetts Local Government Advisory Commission. Mr. Francomano has participated as a presenter on several MASC/MASS Joint Conference panels on “Roles and Responsibilities,” “Role of the Chair,” and “Charter School Reform Update.” He has also facilitated several division meetings that focused on the new educator and administrator evaluation regulations. Mr. Francomano was one of the founding members of the Center for Public School Leadership, a collaborative initiative between MASC, MASS and Bridgewater State College. In 2003, he was presented with MASC’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

A resident of Plainville, Mr. Francomano served on its School Committee from 1992-2006, including several terms as Chair and Vice Chair, and as a member of the Committee’s Budget and Finance Subcommittee. In 2005, he was elected to the King Philip Regional School Committee. He has served as the Committee’s Chair on several occasions and is currently the Committee’s Legislative Liaison and a member of its Budget and Finance Subcommittee. He has also participated in many collective bargaining negotiations and on several superintendent searches.

A practicing trial attorney for over 25 years, Mr. Francomano was an adjunct faculty member at Southern New England School of Law and is currently teaching at the UMass.-Dartmouth School of Law. He has also served previously as an attorney partner in law-related education programs designed to teach young people about the law in both the Franklin and Mansfield Public Schools. Mr. Francomano is a long-standing member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and serves on its Audit & Budget Committee. He is also a member of NSBA’s Council of School Attorneys.

He continues to be grateful for Christine, his wonderful and extremely patient wife of over 30 years as well as his son Dante, a college senior at Middlebury College and an aspiring ethnomusicologist.

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