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Legislative Bulletin: House Ways and Means FY18 Budget Recommendations

MASC Legislative Bulletin

MASC General Counsel Stephen Finnegan has released a new Legislative Bulletin with a detailed analysis of the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee's FY2018 Budget Recommendations and the potential impact on Massachusetts school districts. The proposed budget increases Chapter 70, both by increasing the health care calculation within the Foundation Budget and by including a $30/pupil minimum increase per district. From Governor Baker’s budget proposal, the House proposed budget also increases regional school transportation by $1 million (to $62 million), increases the circuit breaker by $4 million, and increases METCO funding by $500,000. It adds a pothole account of $12.5 million for districts that have seen negative impacts from the economically disadvantaged calculation. The Bulletin includes analysis of those figures, as well as a analysis of each account related to education funding.

Read the Bulletin   View Budget Proposal

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