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Update on MASC Field Directors

MASC Field Directors play a critical role in assisting and supporting our members. Each school committee across the Commonwealth is assigned one of five Field Directors on the MASC staff. Your Field Director serves as the primary liaison for your district. He or she is available to:

  • answer questions
  • recommend resources,
  • provide technical assistance,
  • conduct onsite workshops, and
  • assist with other matters.

Two of our longtime Field Directors, Pat Correira and Mike Gilbert, recently retired after many years of service to the organization. We are delighted to welcome two new Field Directors to the team: Kathleen Kelly and Liz Lafond.

In addition, effective immediately, we have realigned the geographic regions that Field Directors cover, so some districts will have a different Field Director assigned to them.

To find the Field Director that serves your school committee, see the MASC Division List, which includes an alphabetical table of each district, its MASC Division, and its Field Director. Click on the name of the Field Director for a short bio and contact information.

We encourage you to contact your Field Director with any questions, comments, concerns, or needs. As always, you also are welcome to call the MASC office for any reason: 617-523-8454 or 1-800-392-6023.