Workshop: The Evolution of the School Resource Officer

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Calling All School Committee members, Superintendents, Police Chiefs and Principals to Attend!

March 15, 2018
Plymouth South High School

We are pleased to introduce Michelle Palladini’s unique and incredibly innovative L.E.A.P. Program Model. Michelle will open with an overview of police presence and purpose in schools, and how this position can support positive youth development. She will offer ways in which school districts can select the right Officer for their school, how a well-trained Officer can benefit school districts, and ways the Officer can assist in developing a safe and supportive environment for children. Attendees will be provided with an overview the training for SRO’s, and will walk away with tools, tips, and action steps such as:

  1. TEACH a curriculum rooted in social/emotional learning and mindfulness.
  2. BUILD VILLAGES around kids in their community to mitigate some of the risk factors for dangerous (and often illegal) behaviors by working collaboratively with school officials, parents, community partners and social service agencies.
  3. BECOME a caring, competent caregiver during difficult times, creating meaningful relationships. Michelle will offer case studies for review and discussion.
  4. UTILIZE the “CLUES” model when faced with challenging, risky, or criminal behaviors (Collaborate, Listen, Understand, Empathize, Solve).
  5. UNDERSTAND adolescent brain development, trauma, and more.

Attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of ways in which the SRO can serve as a mindful counselor, compassionate law-enforcer and authentic teacher, through this model. Prepare to be inspired and rededicated to the care and protection of the children in your school

Event Details
Thursday, March 15, 2018
Plymouth South High School
490 Long Pond Rd, Plymouth, MA
Southside Cafe (Culinary Dept. restaurant)
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Please note: There is another event at Plymouth North High School related to law enforcement issues on the same evening. The MASC event will be held at Plymouth South HS.

A light dinner will be served
Michelle Palladini photo
Detective Michelle Palladini
Norfolk Police Department, School Resource Officer - King Philip Middle School, L.E.A.P. Program Founder, MA Certified Teacher - Health/Family and Consumer Sciences

There is no charge for this event, however we do ask that you register in advance as space is limited.

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