Novick Reports: Rennie Center - Conditions of Education in the Commonwealth

This morning, I went to the Rennie Center's release of their annual Conditions of Education in the Commonwealth" report. The data report and resource guide contain a rundown of major data points on a statewide level on preschool through college education in the state.

The main thrust of the morning, though, was the point they're making in the action guide: a push on social and emotional learning. As you probably know, ESSA requires states to come up with an additional fourth measure for district accountability; Rennie would like to see that be social emotional learning. The report presents examples from Boston, New Bedford, Newton, Chelsea, and LEAP which is in Salem, Peabody, and Gloucester. The keynote this morning was Professor Ron Ferguson of Harvard Graduate School, who presents on the 7 C's in the classroom (the PowerPoint isn't yet online but will be). That was followed by a discussion by the Board chairs (one vice chair) of early ed, K-12, and higher ed.

(The following is commentary)
As I've thought about the morning, what struck me how development of (to use Rennie's list) self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making takes place before school, outside of school, and is in many cases related to the stability of the situtation in which the child lives. That, other than being acknowledged as a lack, wasn't spoken of today. The gap was seen as one for schools to fill.

(As always, notes mine, errors mine, questions welcome)

- Tracy

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