Public Policy Updates

MASC reports on Massachusetts public schools, education news, school committee issues and updates from the Department of Education.

This information has been compiled by MASC Field Director Tracy Novick.

Public Policy Updates: The Senate deliberates and passes the Student Opportunity Act

On Thursday, October 3, the Massachusetts Senate deliberated and passed, as amended, Senate Bill 2350, the Student Opportunity Act, which would update the foundation budget, along with other measures; read MASC's Legislative bulletin regarding the Act as proposed by the Joint Committee here.


Public Policy Updates: September Board of Education

The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education took their September meeting on the road to Pittsfield, meeting at the new Taconic High School.

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The agenda is online here.


Public Policy Updates: June Board of Ed

True to new Chair Katherine Craven's promise to take meetings on the road, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education met on Tuesday, June 25 at Rumney Marsh Academy in Revere. The agenda is online here; the video of the meeting may be viewed here


Council for Fair School Finance files lawsuit for equitable school funding

Today, the Council for Fair School Finance, of which MASC is a member, announced the filing of a lawsuit to pursue equity in school finance.

At a press conference at the State House, NAACP New England Area Conference President Juan Cofield opened by saying regarding the lawsuit, “We felt it necessary given the harm that continues to be done to our children” due to the inequity in the funding of education.

Group photo from education event

Speaking of the experience of her children in the Fall River Public Schools, Denise DaPointe Mussotte said,"I totally believe it's funding and the lack of funding" that harms her children's education. She noted there being thirty children in a class, there not being enough books, "it goes on and on and on." She said, "all we can ask for is the state to come through with the funding that we need." Maneisha Straker, also a Fall River parent, "if there were more investment in this generation, they would be able to be more successful in is time to invest in them."


Public Policy Updates: May Board of Ed

The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education held their regular May meeting at the Malden Public Library on Tuesday, May 21. The agenda can be found online here

Chair Katherine Craven told the Board that there is a plan, as she had said last month, to take the meetings on the road; the Board plans to meet next month in either Holyoke or Revere. Vice-Chair James Morton said that the subcommittee appointed to evaluate Commissioner Jeffrey Riley would be reporting out at that meeting.