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A Guide for Present and Future School Committee Chairs
We are very pleased to provide this important publication on the role of the chair as part of its District Governance Support Project. We have specifically tailored this to both current and aspiring chairs because it is important to prepare the next generation of leadership. For many communities, the school committee chair is the face of the school district. Skillful chairs have guided their school committees guiding the members through difficult debate, leading in perilous economic times, tackling challenging issues, and mentoring new members.

All meetings of the School Committee are open to attendance by the public and media representatives. However, the Committee has the right to convene in a closed executive session when it meets the following procedural conditions imposed by state law…

MASC has prepared a resource for school committee members which includes a comprehensive explanation and guide to a meaningful and manageable Superintendent Evaluation process. The guide is available for download below.

The document below is designed for School Committee / Superintendent teams to use to develop their own operating protocols.

MASC offers many helpful resources to members, including:

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