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Jason Fraser

Jason Fraser is a proud product of public education and he now works as an advocate for the students of our public schools and for local control of our school districts in order to maintain the gains and further improve public education in the Commonwealth. Mr. Fraser is serving his eighth year as Vice Chair of the Plympton School Committee and serving his sixth year as a member of the Silver Lake Regional School Committee, including two terms as Chair. Serving as the Legislative Agent for both Committees, Mr. Fraser has become a frequent champion for public education on Capitol Hill and Beacon Hill, becoming a trusted sounding board for legislators when crafting education policy. His expertise on the Chapter 70 funding formula, Foundation Budget determinations and Local Contribution calculations has made him an invaluable resource for local municipalities. Mr. Fraser has also served on the Board of Director for the Pilgrim Area Collaborative and was the Chair of the Board for two years. Mr. Fraser’s experience in educational leadership is rounded out by nine years of work on School Improvement Councils in the town of Norwell.

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