Massachusetts Association of School Committees

On behalf of Massachusetts school committees

MASC advocates on behalf of Massachusetts school committees in all legislative and regulatory arenas, including at the state and federal levels. The issues that are followed by Association staff, the MASC Board of Directors, MASC’s Legislative Committee and representatives to the Federal Relations Network have a direct impact on school district budgets, employer-employee relations, and the governance authority of every school committee in the Commonwealth.

Staff Advocacy Efforts

  • Monitor and report to Association members on legislative bills.
  • Inform legislators of the impact of various bills from the school committee perspective.
  • Testify at legislative committee meetings in which education-related bills are discussed.
  • Participate in various political roundtables and other advisory groups.
  • Assist in the implementation of education-related legislative programs by working closely with the Executive Office of Education staff, the Department of Education, the state Board of Education and local school districts.

School Committee Advocacy Efforts

As the largest group of elected officials in the state, school committee members can have significant impact on the state’s legislative process by taking the following actions:

How to Lobby Your Member of Congress

Current MASC members may view a series of videos from the National School Boards Association on effective lobbying.

Political Links of Interest

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