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Policy Services

Good policy is basic to good management. Education Reform has clearly defined policy making as a critically important responsibility for school committees. There is no other responsibility more important to the smooth and effective operation of the schools. The MASC Policy Service is an invaluable resource to school committees as they develop guidelines that will help them and the staff in the decision making process. MASC is committed to providing reliable information and assistance in policy support services.

MASC offers the following policy services:

  • MASC members may contact the Member Services Coordinator or one of our Field Directors for sample policies from MASC’s policy files and from NSBA’s National Education Policy Network.
  • Periodically throughout the year the MASC Policy Subscription Service will provide all school committees sample policies that have been developed based on state and federal legislation as well as other important educational topics.
  • The MASC Policy Reference Manual contains sample policies which conform to the Education Reform Law of 1993 and other state and federal laws and regulations. A full paper copy of our comprehensive manual is available to member districts for a fee – contact the Member Services Coordinator or one of our Field Directors for more information.
  • Through the MASC Contract Policy Service, MASC Field Directors will assist school committees in developing a customized policy manual tailored to the needs of their individual school systems. Contact one of our Field Directors for more information.
  • MASC offers an online hosted policy subscription service, Policy Twenty-One. MASC will host your policy manual in an online searchable database. This provides member districts with a green option for their policy manual, better staff and community access to your policy manual, and a safe, secure environment for your policies.