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Updated/New Policies


MASC provides periodic policy updates to school committees throughout the year. Here are  some sample policies dealing with education policy issues. All links below are to MS Word Documents.

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Please remember when adopting policy that it is always a good idea to ask your legal counsel to review your policy to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal law.

For a comprehensive directory of all policies, see the MASC Online Policy Reference Manual.

Financial Policy Update for August/September 2023

Policy Update for August/September 2023

Policy Update for March 2023

Policy Update for September 2022

Policy Update for August 2022

Policy Update for February 2022

  • AC and AC-R – Non-Discrimination Policy Including Harassment and Retaliation
  • ACAB Sexual Harassment
  • JICK – Harassment of Students

Policy Update for October 2021

Policy Update for March 2021

Policy Update for August 2021

Policy Update for March 2021

Policy Release for August 2020

  • JLCB – Immunization of Students
  • EBC-S – Policy on COVID-Related Issues
  • EBCFA – Face Coverings

Policy Update for July 2020

Policy Newsletter for May 2020

Policy release:

  • IHBHE – Remote Learning
  • IHBHE-E – Remote Learning Addendum

Policy Newsletter for January 2020


Policies referenced in the January 2020 Newsletter:

Policies released in October 2019:

  • JBB – Equal Education Opportunities
  • JFABD – Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services
  • JFABE – Educational Opportunities for Military Children
  • JFABF – Educational Opportunities for Children in Foster Care

Policy Newsletter for July 2018

Policy release:

  • JJF – Student Activity Accounts
  • BEDG – Minutes
  • EFD – Meal Charging Policy
  • Pregnant Workers Fairness Act – MCAD Guidance and Q&A

Policy Newsletter for February 2018

Policies released for February 2018:

Policy Newsletter for June 2017

Policies released for March 2016 Policy Newsletter:


Policies released for August 2015 Policy Newsletter:


Policies released for October 2014 Policy Newsletter:


Other Recent Policy Updates: