2023 Delegate Assembly: Report on Actions Taken

Check out the Full Report Here.

MASC’s 78th annual meeting was held at the start of the annual conference in Hyannis, Wednesday, November 8. A total of 108 delegates representing school districts across the state were registered and participated in the deliberations.

Following are the actions taken on the eight proposed resolutions, as well as on the proposed amendment to the MASC By-Laws. The full texts of the resolutions and proposed amendment are printed in the 2023 Delegate Manual and posted on the MASC website.

In the interest of expediting discussion and allowing more time for resolutions of a more controversial nature, a special procedural action was adopted that allowed delegates to vote on resolutions considered non-controversial as a group. Each resolution was presented and delegates identified those that they wished “held” for further discussion. Those resolutions not held, would be voted and approved as a single slate.

This year, all but one of the resolutions (Resolution 2: Regarding Investigations and Recommendations for Transportation Bidding Procedures) were held for further discussion.

Check out the Full Report Here.