MASC Resolutions Set to Expire in November

In accordance with a new MASC bylaw, all MASC resolutions now expire three years after their initial passage. The list below details the seventeen (17) resolutions that are set to expire in November of 2024.

Expiring MASC Resolutions Year Passed Accomplished Expiration Date
Pertaining to Educator Diversity and Professional Licensure 2019 No 11/2024
Full Funding of Transportation Costs for Students in Foster Care 2019 No 11/2024
Universal Quality Pre-Kindergarten Access in Massachusetts 2019 No 11/2024
Access to Menstrual Supplies 2019 No 11/2024
Charter School Reform 2019 No 11/2024
Lowering the Voting Age for Municipal Elections 2020 No 11/2024
Retention of Medicaid Revenue 2020 No 11/2024
Dedicated Funding for School Based Clinics and Services 2021 No 11/2024
IDEA Full Funding Act 2021 No 11/2024
Recess 2021 No 11/2024
Alternative to MCAS 2021 No 11/2024
Prohibiting the use of Native American Mascots 2021 No 11/2024
Climate Change 2019 Ongoing 11/2024
Poverty and Children 2019 Ongoing 11/2024
School Committee Anti-Racism 2020 Ongoing 11/2024
School Transportation 2019 Partial 11/2024
Homework Gap and WIFI/Internet Access 2021 Partial 11/2024


If your school committee would like to champion one of the expiring resolutions, it requires a vote of your committee, and if passed, an email from the Chair and/or the Recording Secretary of the Committee will need to be sent to Jason Fraser, MASC Resolutions Committee Chair, at with the results of the vote.


If five or more committees from two or more geographical MASC Divisions pass the same resolution, that resolution bypasses the Resolutions Committee and the MASC Board of Directors and goes straight to the voting members of the Delegate Assembly in November of 2025.


Submissions of new resolutions are also being accepted at this time.