Administering Medicines to Students

File: JLCD

Medication may not be administered to students while at school unless such medicine is given to them by the school nurse acting under specific written request of the parent or guardian and under the written directive of the student’s personal physician. When the school nurse is not present, a student who needs medication during the school day may be called to the office at the scheduled hour and reminded by the secretary to take the medicine. This provision only applies when the correct dosage of the medication has been placed in an individual container clearly marked with the student’s name, the dosage to be administered, and the time and/or conditions under which the medicine is to be taken. In addition, the student must be able to recognize the medicine that he/she or she is taking. No one but the school nurse, and those others listed in the medical administration plan acting within the above restriction, may give any medication to any student.

The school district shall, through the district nurse leader, register with the Dept. of Public Health and train personnel in the use of Epi-pens.

Following consultation with the school nurse, students who fall into the following exceptions may self-administer medications:

  1. Students with asthma or other respiratory diseases may possess and administer prescription inhalers.
  2. Students with cystic fibrosis may possess and administer prescription enzyme supplements.
  3. Students with diabetes may possess and administer glucoses monitoring tests and insulin delivery systems.

Updated May 2006

M.G.L. 71:54B
Dept. of Public Health Regulations: 105 CMR 210.00

NOTE: Regulations that govern the administration of prescription medication in public and private schools specifically detail the procedures that need to be followed. There are provisions for non-medical personnel to be authorized to administer these medications but the requirements of this regulation must be followed in order to receive permission for this exception. It is advisable for the School District to refer to DOPH Regulation 105 CMR 210.00 before developing the policy JLCD. The regulations also require procedures be published and this should be done by creating the Regulations/Procedure coded: JLCD-R