Public Policy Update: MSBA Board makes changes enabled by FY24 budget


The Mass School Building Authority met this morning, and made some significant changes to the programs they oversee, funded by the Fair Share amendment and changes made in the FY24 budget.

The first set of changes was to the cost funding limit per square foot that the MSBA will cover in a core project. Going forward, the Board voted to raise this amount from $393 per square foot to $550 per square foot. Additionally, going forward, the Board voted to include up to $55 per square foot for sitework. Overall, then, starting with the projects moved into Project Scope and Funding today, the total construction cost funding limit will be $605 per square foot.

Additionally, the Board approved adjustments to the total facilities grant available for projects approved prior to October 1, 2022, moving to $393 per square foot and $39 per square foot for sitework; this includes 30 projects. For projects approved after October 1, 2022 and before October 1, 2023, an increase to $516 per square foot and $52 per square foot in site work was approved; this includes nine projects.

Finally, the Board approved plans for an accelerated repair program, with applications opening in January 2024. This program will run biannually, with $150M allocated each year. It will be open only to window and roof projects; roof projects will include a study of feasibility of roof repair in the requirements. The MSBA will seek a contractor to study funding heat pumps moving forward, as the program will no longer include boilers. The MSBA will also be reviewing accessibility requirements and eligibility determinations for expanded HVAC items.

The above was made possible by action within the FY24 state budget, including an the increase to the annual MSBA cap, the removal of the accelerated repair program from the cap, a $100M supplemental grant, and the increase to the allowable rate of growth.