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Join the MASC Listserv

MASC offers two e-mail discussion lists (also known as “listservs“). Each time you or any member of the list posts a message or a reply to the conversation, it is distributed to the email box of every member on the list. Messages are not screened before they are posted, though they are monitored by the administrator.

Questions? Email Anthony Andronico.

For MASC School Committee Members

The MASCinfo email list enables MASC school committee members to ask questions and share information and resources with colleagues, other school leaders and the MASC staff.

For School Committee Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

The  MASCsec list enables Massachusetts school committee secretaries and administrative assistants who are signed up to seek guidance, share information and exchange ideas and resources with one another. 

Important: Listserv Protocols

The MASC listserv is intended to be a place where school committee members can ask questions, share ideas, and engage in discussion and debate. The listserv is a great way to benefit from the experiences of school committee members in other districts, to learn from each other, and to participate in ongoing conversations on important topics related to school committee work. We at the Association rely on listserv members to maintain high standards of collegiality as well as principled dissent and disagreement in listserv discussions. In order to ensure the best possible experience, we have established some basic protocols for participation. These protocols will be posted periodically as a reminder to participants. 

The Protocols

  • Openly share your questions, experiences, ideas, and knowledge so we can all grow together.
  • Discussions on the listserv are meant to stimulate conversation. Use discretion in keeping the listserv a place where members can comment without fear of ridicule or personal attack.
  • Treat listserv postings as intended for the exclusive enlightenment of our members. They should not be shared outside the listserv without the expressed permission of the contributor. Members should understand, however, that messages nonetheless may be shared outside the membership.
  • Topics on the listserv should remain related to those related to school committee work. It is not a place for commercial messages or soliciting business.
  • All messages should be signed with the sender’s name and the name of their district and their email.

By joining the listserv, members agree to abide by these protocols. Current members, by continued participation on the listserv, likewise agree to abide by these protocols.

Listserv participants who violate these protocols may be suspended or removed from the listserv by MASC’s Executive Director.

As with all our work, student achievement, driven by the goal of equity, is at the center. Just as the Massachusetts State Constitution protects free speech, it also guarantees that all students are entitled to a comprehensive education which will prepare them for participation in a democracy.