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All-State School Committee

The All-State School Committee is established to annually recognize significant achievement on the part of local school committee members. This recognition is intended to honor school committee members who, during the previous year have made a significant contribution to their community or their school committee either through specific action or as an inspiration and role model for their peers and constituents.

The MASC Board of Directors will annually select nine individuals who have been nominated by their local school committee to be recognized as members of the All-State School Committee. A member will be selected from each of the nine Divisions of MASC. In the event no nomination is presented from a specific division or, if the selection committee is unable to recommend an individual from any specific Division, at-large selections may be recommended to complete the nine member All-State School Committee. Nominees deserving of recognition who are not selected for the All-State School Committee may be awarded honorable mention. No individual who has been selected to the All-State School Committee may be nominated a second time.

Nomination Criteria

  1. Nominee is serving on a school committee holding membership in MASC.
  2. Nominee must have completed one full term as a member of their school committee.
  3. The nominee must be nominated by other member(s) of their school committee and the nomination form returned to the MASC office no later than June 1st of the nomination year.
  4. All entries must be on the official nomination form. Additional endorsements from other organization or groups outside of the school district are not encouraged.
  5. A school committee should consider its nominee in light of the following characteristics. The nominee:
    • Keeps the education and welfare of children as their primary concern;
    • Represents the best interest of all constituents rather than special interest groups;
    • Understands the need for compromise and abides by decisions of the majority;
    • Has made the time commitment necessary to become an informed and effective school committee member;
    • Channels complaints and potential problems to the proper authority;
    • Reaches decisions on the merits of issues and on the basis of the best available information;
    • Participates in in-service programs at the local, state, or national level;
    • Does not, individually or unilaterally, make commitments on behalf of the school committee;
    • Is open and honest with other committee members and administrators, shares information and avoids surprises whenever possible;
    • Is familiar with and abides by the MASC code of ethics.
  6. If applicable, the school committee should include examples of any actions or series of actions taken by the nominee that significantly benefited the school district.
  7. Only one school committee member may be nominated by a committee in any one year.
  8. Members of the MASC Board of Directors or employees of the Association are not eligible.
  9. Former MASC All-State School Committee members are not eligible.

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