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Division Officers

Find the current MASC Division Officers below.

See the Division List for all member school districts and division numbers.

DIVISION I (Northeast)
Division I Chair Beverley Griffin-Dunne Peabody/Essex Tech beverleygriffin@aol.com
Division I Vice Chair MJ Byrnes Wilmington MaryJane.byrnes@wpsk12.com
Division I Secretary-Treasurer Bridget Garabedian Tewksbury brigara@gmail.com
DIVISION II (Metropolitan)
Division II Chair Beverly Hugo Framingham beverly.hugo1@gmail.com
Division II Vice Chair Cathi Collins Natick cacollins@natickps.org
Division II Secretary-Treasurer Samantha Lambert Everett slambert@everett.k12.ma.us
DIVISION III (Southeast)
Division III Chair Kim Savery Plymouth ksavery@plymouth.k12.ma.us
Division III Vice Chair Barbara Davis Holbrook barbarapdavis@gmail.com
Division III Secretary-Treasurer Gregory St. Lawrence Tri-County Regional stlawrence@tri-county.us
Division IV Chair Michelle Bodin-Hettinger Marlborough mbodinhettinger@mps-edu.org
Division IV Vice-Chair Heidi Matthews Marlborough hmatthews@mps-edu.org
Division IV Secretary/ Treasurer Laura Often Grafton oftenl@grafton.k12.ma.us
DIVISION V (Connecticut Valley)
Division V Chair Wendy Rua Agawam wrua@agawamed.org
Division V Vice Chair Jane Oakes Gill-Montague jane.oakes@gmrsd.org
Division V Secretary Cathy Englehardt Hatfield cenglehardt@hatfieldps.net
DIVISION VI (Berkshire)
Division VI Chair Carrie Greene Mount Greylock cgreene@mgrhs.org
Division VI Vice-Chair TBD
Division VI Secretary William Cameron Pittsfield wcameronjr@gmail.com
DIVISION VII (Cape and Islands)
Division VII Chair Stephanie Clougherty Carver smcd7masc@gmail.com
Division VII Vice Chair Andrea Thorrold Falmouth athorrold@falmouth.k12.ma.us
Division VII Secretary-Treasurer Tina Games Monomoy tina.games@monomoy.edu
DIVISION VIII (Vocational-Technical)
Division VIII Chair Donald Erickson Southern Worcester Reg. Voc-Tech ericks4858@aol.com
Division VIII Vice Chair Lynn Ryan Assabet Valley Vocational Technical lynn.ryan1@verizon.net
Division VIII Secretary-Treasurer Peggy Ayers Assabet Valley Vocational Technical writeathome@hotmail.com
Division IX Chair Irene Feliciano Holyoke ifeliciano@viability.org
Division IX Vice Chair Brandon Robbins Leominster brandon.robbins@leominsterschools.org
Division IX Secretary-Treasurer TBD
DIVISION X (Inclusion, Diversity and Equity)
Division X Chair Virginia Simms George Assabet Valley Reg. Voc-Tech vsimmsgeorge@assabet.org
Division X Vice Chair LaTonia Monroe Naylor Springfield latonia4schools@gmail.com
Division X Secretary-Treasurer Courtney Rose-McGee Ashburnham-Westminster Regional mcgeecourtneyrose@gmail.com